As a Principal Partner of Manchester United, Chevrolet wants to unite supporters around the world. We are putting the fans at the heart of the partnership, developing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for fans to connect and get closer to the game than ever before.

#ASKMANUTD Surprise Tour

Watch the surprises real fans like Hannah, Vikki and Sarah got to experience during this unforgettable day that included pop-ins from Bastian Schweinsteiger, Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and more!


Fans are as important to the game as the players. Being fans ourselves, Chevrolet is out to celebrate the passion and commitment of all fans that make this beautiful game great.


Ever wanted to ask your favorite player, past or present, a question? Ever wanted to challenge them …in a friendly sort of way? Now is your chance with #ASKMANUTD. Many fans have already taken a shot.

Just send a message using #ASKMANUTD and check in here to see if your question was answered.

2015 Chevrolet Mascots

Take a look at our newest group of mascots and watch for more videos to discover the amazing stories behind each of our newest Chevrolet Mascots from around the world!

The Best Moments, Made Possible By The Fans

Cheers to all our passionate fans who reached out with challenges and questions for the squad using #AskManUtd. Check out these awesome 2014/2015 season highlights.

Our game, our passion

There are two constants in football: the shirt and the fans. At Chevrolet we celebrate you and the colors you wear with pride.

Join the community and come together for unique experiences and an intimate connection with the club and players you love.

Find out more about One World Play Project and Manchester United here.