All Chevrolet vehicles offer exceptional value for money, but that’s just the beginning. The cost of ownership of a Chevrolet is also unmatched, throughout its lifetime. We provide all our vehicle owners with the most competitive pricing and cost efficiencies as well as completely transparent cost of maintenance. Add to that our comprehensive and extensive warranty and it’s clear why, when it comes to cost of ownership, a Chevrolet truly is in a class of its own.

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Trax 2017
Cost of Maintenance

Performed at every service

  • Tyre Rotation
  • TAll Fluid Levels: Coolant, Power steering, Washer
  • ITyre Pressure & Visual Inspection for Wear & Damage
  • ISuspension
  • IBrake System Including Parking Brake
  • IExhaust System
  • IThrottle System
  • IBattery & Terminals
  • IWiper Blades
  • IOperation of headlights, Tail lamps, Brake lights, Radio, Antenna, Door locks, hinges, Window switches, etc.
Prices are valid as of 15 February 2017 and are subject to change without prior notice.

Only applicable to model year 2017 onwards.

Scheduled service items may include more than what is mentioned above, please refer to your owner’s manual / warranty booklet for further information.

Above prices may vary based on your vehicle specification.

Above prices are net and include Labour.